On Graduating, Packing, and Waiting

Hey guys! So due to the general chaos of my semester (Projects! Applications! Exams! Packing up everything I've owned for the past four-and-a-half years!), I've found it hard to set aside some time for a nice, lengthy blog post. But I'm sorta procrasinating a very long packing job, so I'm just going to give a… Continue reading On Graduating, Packing, and Waiting


Book Reflection: #Shelfie Time

I’ve lived in my little college apartment for a year and a half now and as someone who takes great joy in expressing herself via her personal space, I’ve made sure to curate and cultivate the perfect selection of books and trinkets. My bookshelf is one of my pride and joys (tied, possibly, with my… Continue reading Book Reflection: #Shelfie Time


Book Reflections: Top Ten to Read

Hey everyone! Due to the general chaos of school and wrapping things up for graduation (which is a totally scary separate thing in itself), I’ve had to put my reading on hold. Normally I’d be breezing through All the Crooked Saints right now, but when I have free time, I usually end up just staring… Continue reading Book Reflections: Top Ten to Read


On Rereading Old Favorites

Every semester, Alachua county has this fantastic used-book fair. It’s in this giant warehouse and the volunteers from the Friends of the Library organization set up rows and rows, bins and bins, of books for incredibly reduced prices. It’s a book-lover’s dream come true, especially the used-book lover, who loves finding books with little annotations… Continue reading On Rereading Old Favorites

Books, Reviews

Review: Wicked Like a Wildfire

I will admit, part of the reason I picked this book up was because it takes place in Montenegro. My father’s father is from Montenegro. I spent my childhood summers in Montenegro, running barefoot along the rocky beaches. I have never seen a book that took place in Montenegro—much less a YA fantasy about two… Continue reading Review: Wicked Like a Wildfire

Vacation Vignettes

Vacation Vignettes: London

I learn within a few days that London is not meant to be pretty city. Oh sure there are parts of it that are pretty, very pretty, in fact—but unlike Paris, London does not exist to be pretty. London is loud and gritty, and spreads across the Thames, spreading far and wide. Maps are deceiving… Continue reading Vacation Vignettes: London

Vacation Vignettes

Vacation Vignettes: Travelodge Heathrow Terminal 5

A series, with more to come. Due to the staggering of flights (my mother arriving a few days earlier than me and my siblings, and my father arriving a day later), we end up booking a hotel near the Heathrow airport. It is the cheapest one we could find and honestly, there is nothing wrong… Continue reading Vacation Vignettes: Travelodge Heathrow Terminal 5