Book Reflection: #Shelfie Time

I’ve lived in my little college apartment for a year and a half now and as someone who takes great joy in expressing herself via her personal space, I’ve made sure to curate and cultivate the perfect selection of books and trinkets. My bookshelf is one of my pride and joys (tied, possibly, with my typewriter which rests atop my dresser) and I have some special editions of books that I use to decorate my living room.

Now this does not represent all my books at all. I left most of them at my parents’ house on this rickety shelf that’s actually two WalMart shelves stacked on top of each other. But they represent a good variety and I like the way they look on my little shelf.

So without further ado–let me introduce you to my shelves!


Pictured above is my top shelf, which I reserve for my Classic Literature (TM) novels. I try to organize them by chronological order, because it eases my mind. The reason the peanut butter jar is there is because my roommate is deathly allergic to peanuts so I need to keep it in my room. You’ll notice that the Shakespeare plays are set to a side–that’s because I have a Shakespeare class this semester, so they are at easy access! Some trinkets here include: small liquor bottles, a BMO pop-funko, this ceramic fish I bought in Croatia, and a little stiched thing my best friend made me in ninth grade.


The shelf below that is the miscellanous shelf–made up of comic books, cook books, text books, old picture books, informational books, and video games. This is also the shelf where my PokePlushes sit, as well as my PSP and 3DS.


This last shelf is for Contemporary Books, hosting a range from Anne Rice to some YA books. It holds three of my favorites: The Life of Pi, The Night Circus, and 13 Little Blue Envelopes (and its sequel!) I’ve read a lot of these and brought them to college because I like to be surrounded by my favorites; but there are some that are newer that I’ve gotten for class or at the big used book sale! Also on this shelf: Mrs. Norris by my copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (my fav in the series!), a Pacific Ocean Hagfish made by my borther for a project, and my polaroid camera.


Here are the books currently on my night statnd: aka my currently-reading list. I’m giving Just Listen a re-read and slowly working on that James Joyce. You can peep my assortment of bookmarks in this shot.


And finally–my decorative TV stand books. I like getting pretty editions of my favorites (notice there’s two copies of Wuthering Heights). I really like how these copies look and they make the whole place look like a cozy little library.

So–what’s on your shelf?

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