On Graduating, Packing, and Waiting

Hey guys!

So due to the general chaos of my semester (Projects! Applications! Exams! Packing up everything I’ve owned for the past four-and-a-half years!), I’ve found it hard to set aside some time for a nice, lengthy blog post. But I’m sorta procrasinating a very long packing job, so I’m just going to give a quick update.

What have I been doing? Well, finishing up school stuff, mostly! (Also, I got my roommate into Doki Doki Literature Club and I’ve been more or less obssessed with it, even though I just watched him play and didn’t play myself—but that’s another story). I had my last final on Tuesday night and now I’m packing. It was a long road to get here, but I’ve conquered it.

What will I be doing? I’m moving to NYC in January! (Well, technically late December but you get my drift). I’ve been applying to grad schools, so we will see what happens with that, but I’m looking for internships and jobs in the mean time. I wrote a bit about my “plans” (or rather lack thereof) for the future in this piece for my school newspaper. Basically, I’m not certain what I’ll end up doing, but I’m keeping my options open!

So…right now what am I doing? Ah, good question. Right now, as with other times in my life and as with my life as a whole, I am in a weird in-between phase. I’m packing up everything I own. I’m applying for internships and grad school. I graduate on Saturday and then I will be home for about five days, shuffling off to various doctor’s appointments. I will be eating the remaining food I have in my apartment and trying to figure out why I thought it was necessary to keep every single piece of notes with doodles on them for four years (and trying to figure out why I can’t bring myself to throw them out).

These transient and waiting phases of our lives are something that we don’t really address. We talk about the big markers–skipping right from graduation to my road trip up north. Rarely do we talk about the nitty gritty. The fact that my apartment is full of boxes. The fact that my clothes are stuffed in trash bags. The fact that there’s so much I need to pack up, need to apply to, need to figure out. But it’s also a time of reflection. At the same time, I am nostalgic for my university days and I am hopeful for the future.

I’m excited to share my life when the cool stuff starts happening–but for now, as I pack up, I’m content to reflect on where I’ve been and where I am going. It’s appropiate that it is the end of the year, too, as this is something to think about as the New Year comes around.

I hope you have a happy holidays! I’ll be busy–packing, writing, reading, and looking forward to what comes next!


Photos by Amy Xie

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