Chances are you’re reading this because you’re friends with me on Facebook and decided to click the link I posted. I don’t know if you’re actually emotionally invested in my life (I hope at least, you wish me well and think fondly of me, but then again, you could hate me. I’ll never know), but thank you for taking the time to click on this link. If you’ve stumbled across this by any other means, then I am flattered. Either way, you are probably thinking to yourself–so what is this?

This is a website.

That’s pretty obvious. The thing is, I’ve been telling myself to create a site repeatedly since I was in high school. Now I’ve finally decided to set aside a space for potential blog posts, my own writing, a resume site, etc.


Click on the tabs to explore more. Regular blog posts are currently under a hiatus as I sort through various life things, but you can read some of my writing here!

Photo by Austin Brown 



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