You made it here. Time to reveal my deep dark secret…I roleplay online.

I know, I know. It sounds weird. But it is a common pass time, more common than you might think, and not as weird as the media would have you believe. I’ve definitely grown as a writer because of my roleplaying and I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with people I would never have met otherwise. I have friends across the globe and we’re all bonded by our love of writing.

Some stuff I’ve written for roleplay that I am especially proud of:

Demons: An Introduction & Demons: A Taxonomy – fun, world-building, textbook-style blurbs about demons in this cool world we’ve created!

10 Lessons of the Muse Calliope (alternatively–10 Lessons You Learn When You Grow Up)

Lymantria Does Laundry

Summers in the Life of Howl Pendragon

Running Through Starlight

Brave New World (tw: blood, gore, vampire stuff, miscarriage)

Callie’s Nightmare (tw: blood, suicide, gore)

The Rise of the Dragon

Jane Descends Into the Underworld

A Half-Dozen Dalmatians