Hello! My name is Petrana Radulovic (Puh-tra-na Rah-dew-low-vich). I’m a recent graduate of the University of Florida, with a degree in English and computer science.

Hi! It’s me!

Weird combo, yes I know. My passion, first and foremost, is writing. Ever since I picked up a pencil and penned my first story at the age of 6 (it was about a stray cat; it was not very good), I knew that writing is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I’ve never been one to settle on just one goal, though. It’s obvious from my choice of majors—I’m compelled, of course, by the world of literature and writing, but on the other hand, I enjoy discovering the potential of science and technology. Within my writing, I dabble too. I write fiction, I write nonfiction, I write humorous pieces about boys you date in college, I write serious political reflections. I put my pen down on paper (or more accurately in this day and age, my fingers on the keyboard) and I write and write and write—whatever comes to my mind.

At the University of Florida, I was involved in a lot of writing projects. I wrote columns and eventually editorials for my university’s newspaper. I wrote articles and eventually become second-head-honcho for my university’s chapter of HerCampus. I’ve taken upper-division creative writing classes since my first year.

Currently, I am serving as a Web Culture Editoral Fellow at Mashable, which fantastically combines my interest in digital spaces and story-telling, and how we as humans interact with those things. Oh yeah, and memes.

That’s the resume stuff, anyway. I like art museums. I like reading. I keep up to date on memes. I enjoy cartoons over most shows and movies, and I enjoy sitcoms over dramas. I entertain the ideas of horoscopes and tarot cards, but I hardly take it seriously. I wear a lot of black, even in Florida. I prefer the ocean over lakes. I prefer misty days to sunny ones. I often wonder if there is actually a place I belong; I hope there is.

So settle in, read through, and enjoy.

Check out my resume(s) here!

Photos by Austin Brown