If the blurb on the landing page wasn’t enough for ya, here’s some more about the gal behind this website.

Petrana Radulovic was born on November 30, 1995. It was snowing that day. This makes her a Sagittarius, though she hides behind her fierce wall of Scorpio Rising and very often finds herself wallowing in her dreamy Pisces Moon. She’s also an INFJ – 4w5 – and definitely a Ravenclaw. She is half-Eastern European and half-Chinese. Both halves are important. She pronounces “sword” like “s-word” and won’t stop.

She went to the University of Florida, where she studied English and Computer Science. While there she did many things, including but not limited to: asked a boy out via a creative writing workshop assignment; performed a night of comedic short plays for the benefit of a local theater; a semester of improv that could’ve been worse; helped create a web application for a local non-profit; a video game demo that was supposed to be a four-person project but ended up being a two-person deal that could’ve been better; published a few short stories; ran a 5K at midnight; and studied a heck of a lot.

After graduation, she moved to New York City. More specifically she moved to Brooklyn and now lives with two roommates and an anxious cat.

She usually likes to curl up with blankets and watch/write/read/play things, but when she is not doing that, you can find her exploring museums, checking out coffee shops, trying new food, singing to herself while in the middle of the street. Other things she likes, in no particular order: steampunk, pre-Raphaelite art, Disney, stuffed animals, graveyards, cyberpunk, the color purple, card games, boots, medicinal charcoal, blue Gatorade, pop tarts, gummy candy, old maps, knitting, and animals of all sorts.